RED TEK® EasyWeld™
801 EasyWeld 3/32"
802 EasyWeld 1/8"
803 EasyWeld 5/32"

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What is EasyWeld™?
  A. EasyWeld™ is a specially developed alloy electrode designed to have a superior all position welding ability along with having the capability of welding successfully to a wider variety of metals than normal general maintenance electrodes.

Q. Does RED TEK® EasyWeld™ produce less noxious fumes and gases than normal rods?
  A. Yes. EasyWeld™ produces up to 70% less noxious fumes and gases.

Q. What is the tensile strength of RED TEK® EasyWeld™?
  A. EasyWeld™ has a very high tensile strength of up to 90,000 psi..

Q. Can RED TEK® EasyWeld™ operate from any power source or polarity?
  A. Yes. EasyWeld™ is designed to operate from any power source or polarity.

Q. Is EasyWeld™ moisture resistant?
  A. Yes. EasyWeld™ will reduce costly waste from unusable damp rods.

Q. What technique can I use with EasyWeld™?
  A. EasyWeld™ can be used with with a drag technique or with a gap.

Q. Is EasyWeld™ self cleaning?
  A. Yes. Most welders spend more time prepping the steel than welding. EasyWeld™ has the ability to weld through rust, paint, and other contaminants.

Q. What is the elongation of EasyWeld™?
  A. EasyWeld™ has an elongation of 24%.

Q. Can I use the entire rod with EasyWeld™?
  A. Yes. EasyWeld™ has constant strike and restrike characteristics. Save time and money by using the entire rod safely without flux deterioration.