Anti-Friction Metal Treatment
706 ECI-10 16 oz
707 ECI-10 1 gal
708 ECI-10 5 gal
710 ECI-10 55 gal

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Q. What is RED TEK® ECI-10™?       
  A. ECI-10™ is a proprietary blended extreme pressure metal treatment.

Q. Can RED TEK® ECI-10™ lower system operating temperatures?        
  A. Yes! RED TEK® ECI-10™ can lower operating temperatures up to 50ºF in some applications.

Q. Will RED TEK® ECI-10™ effect my equipment warranty?       
  A. No! ECI-10™ will not void equipment warranties.

Q. What makes RED TEK® ECI-10™ so effective?       
  A. ECI-10™ Advanced Metal Treatment contains a highly polar molecule that works synergistically with lubricating fluids to increase lubricity. ECI-10™ is a heat seeking fluid which chemically hardens surfaces and laps high points, then electrically smoothes and polarizes metal surfaces.

Q. Will RED TEK® ECI-10™ increase oil viscosity?       
  A. No! RED TEK® ECI-10™ will not increase oil viscosity.

Q. Where can I use RED TEK® ECI-10™?       
  A. ECI-10™ can be used in engines, transmissions, differentials, hydraulic systems, power steering, and posi-traction rear axles to reduce wear and extend equipment life.

Q. Is RED TEK® ECI-10™ corrosive to my system?       
  A. No! ECI-10™ is not corrosive and has no negative effects on operating systems.