RED TEK® NeverFlush™
716 NeverFlush 16 oz

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What is RED TEK® NeverFlush™? 
  A. NeverFlush™ is a proprietary blended anti-corrosion additive designed for both diesel and gasoline engine cooling systems.

Q. Does RED TEK® NeverFlush™ prevent liner cavitation in heavy duty diesel engines?       
  A. Yes! RED TEK® NeverFlush™ is extremely effective at preventing liner cavitation and corrosion erosion.

Q. Will NeverFlush™ void engine warranties?        
  A. No! RED TEK® meets the criteria set forth by The Maintenance Council and will not void engine warranties.

Q. Can NeverFlush™ maintain the proper pH of my cooling system?       
  A. Yes! RED TEK® NeverFlush™ contains special buffers to maintain proper pH.

Q. Will NeverFlush™ reduce antifreeze disposal?        
  A. Yes! RED TEK® NeverFlush™ can reduce antifreeze disposal up to 80%.

Q. Will NeverFlush™ clean and restore cooling systems without flushing or changing the antifreeze/coolant?       
  A. Yes! RED TEK® NeverFlush™ is specially formulated to safely clean metal surfaces and restore antifreeze/coolant without flushing the system or recycling.

Q. Does NeverFlush™ prevent corrosion?        
  A. Yes! NeverFlush™ prevents corrosion of all metals including aluminum, steel, cast iron, lead solder joints.