RED TEK® Fuel Enhancer™
711 Fuel 16 oz
712 Fuel 1 gal
713 Fuel 5 gal
714 Fuel 15 gal
715 Fuel 55 gal

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INGREDIENTS: Proprietary liquid blend of positively charged organic petroleum hydrocarbons. Combustion enhancing molecules are linked to lubrication molecules, thus simultaneously improving combustion and lubrication. This electro-chemical ionization smooths and polarizes metal surfaces while conditioning seals and gaskets. The specific chemical identity is being withheld as a trade secret under the Right To Know Act.

Contains no methanol or harmful alcohols(Alkyl Hydroxy). Contains no triaryl phosphates or tri cresyl phosphate which are neurotoxins and can produce phosgene gas (mustard gas).

This product does not contain any chemical listed as a carcinogen or mutagen by OSHA , IARC Monograghs or the National Toxicology Program.

CETANE INDEX: RED TEK® Super Concentrated Fuel Enhancer™ significantly reduces the pour point, clouding and wax formations of diesel fuels. The product is recommended for extreme anti-gel protection and stabilization in storage tanks.

CLEANING: Electro-chemical ionization is utilized to remove deposits from engine components. The product does not generate residues and is totally combustible.

DOSAGE: No known problems with overdose. Product must be mixed with fuel.

LUBRICATION: Electro-chemical ionization is the technology utilized for fuel system lubrication.

EMMISSIONS: Meets the Environmental Protection Agency 1995 Clean Air Act.

Boiling Point 189°F
Flash Point 120°F COC
Specific Gravity 0.80
Vapor Density (air=1) 2.40
Vapor Pressure (mmHg) @ 38°C 104
Evaporation Rate (Butyl Acetate=1) 2.14
Odour Volatile Combustible
Colour Pink
Appearance Very Light Viscous Liquid
Solubility in Water Yes
Anti-Gelling Lower Limit -60°F
D.O.T. Hazard Class UN 1993/Flammable Liquid
Application Diesel or Gasoline