RED TEK® offers a full line of environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants and accessories for use in a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. RED TEK® also has introduced a complete line of aerosol tune-up treatments for air conditioning systems to further broaden our product range.

To learn more about RED TEK® refrigerants, browse our product pages below. You will be directed to product and technical pages that will help build your understanding and knowledge of environmentally-safe hydrocarbon refrigeration.

RED TEK® 12a
RED TEK® 22a
RED TEK® 502a
RED TEK® LeakStop™
RED TEK® ProSeal™
RED TEK® Dry32™
RED TEK® OilCharge™
RED TEK® DyeCharge™
RED TEK® Air32™
RED TEK® Adapters
RED TEK® Black Lights
RED TEK® Can Taps
RED TEK® Couplers & Conversion Kits
RED TEK® Electronic Scales
RED TEK® Fluid & Dye Injectors
RED TEK® Hydra Krimp
RED TEK® Installation Kits & Hoses
RED TEK® Manifold Gauge Sets
RED TEK® Oil Analyzers
RED TEK® Reclaimers
RED TEK® Thermometers
RED TEK® Vacuum Pumps
RED TEK® Valve Core Service Tools

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